Home Building

Our name and slogan say it all: Schiavi Home Builders, Uniquely Built, Specifically for You.

Building homes specific to each customer’s needs, is an immeasurable commitment.  Schiavi Home Builders has spent decades perfecting this dedication and in the process has developed an innovative sales tool.  Schiavi Home Builders PAK program, guides each customer through the sales process.  The PAK is a step by step preparation of the home.  From footers to ridge cap and EVERYTHING in between, each item will be discussed and decided upon.  This allows our customers ultimate control over their home.  How many lights do YOU want in your basement?  Is there a specific type of heating system or boiler YOU would like?  Do YOU want pressure treated railing, PVC or Azek on your deck?  Schiavi Home Builders is not a “pick you plan and colors” home sales center.  We are a BUILDER, tell us what to build.

Schiavi Home Builders pairs our PAK program with use of current technology to streamline the process.  Using a custom designed website specific to each project, customers can stay up-to-date on their home.  With the use of Skype, GoToMeeting & GoToPC programs, information and communication is just a click away.  In fact, during 2011, one of Schiavi Home Builders customer’s very first visit to our sales center was 2 weeks AFTER moving into their home.  All details of the project were worked out through the above mentioned programs, and the contracts were signed in Conference Room “G” (that would be Gritty’s).  Now, please understand, this is NOT the norm, but this project exemplifies how Schiavi Home Builders meets the needs of today fast paced society.