Timing is everything…. NOW is the right time!

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You can feel the energy in the housing market.  There are MANY potential new home builds just on the verge of happening, but customers are waiting…. wondering if now is the right time to build.

Well, all indications are saying there isn’t going to be a better time to build than now!

  1. Home values are increasing with each day that passes.  This means, from the moment you sign your building contract, your home value is appreciating!  You are building equity into your home even as your home is being built.
  2. Building material expenses are going up.  Sign your building contract TODAY, tomorrow it will be more expensive to build your home…
  3. Mortgage rates are stable, but they are slowly creeping up.  The rates are not going down, the best rate is the rate that is available today.

New-home sales rise 2.1 percent in May by Housing Zone.

Housing Market Shrugging Off Rise in Mortgage Rates by New York Times.

Builders and Lumber Dealers Both Report Shortages of Key Materials by NAHB

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