Tying it all Together for Generation X

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This is our final blog in the Generation X Series and will probably be the shortest.  I want to briefly discuss three topics:

  1. Traffic patterns…  As you design the layout of the home, look at each area of your home and envision how family members will get from point A to point B.  Envision each area with a few extra guests.  Is there enough room for everyone to move around without tripping over furniture or each other?  Ask for help with this if you have a hard time looking at a plan and “seeing” the room.
  2. Where’s the grill…  Sounds silly but outdoor living space has become an integral part of our home.  Having easy access to the deck, patio or porch will encourage even more use of the area.
  3. Wash and wear… The latest countertop material may look great, but if you have to use a special cleaning product and use a 30 step process weekly to keep it shiny, is it worth it?  Look for finish materials that are durable and easy to clean.  Same can be said for furniture & decor.

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Our next few blogs will be focused on the Millennial Generation.

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