Design Tips for Home Layouts for Gen X Families

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Home designs that best suit Generation X families have design concepts that promote family interaction but still allows each family member to have their own space.  Logically this would signify that homes are getting larger; however, this is not the case.  In fact, the average square footage of family homes is slowly getting smaller.  The homes that Generation X grew up in typically had a formal living room or parlor and a family room along with an eat in kitchen and a formal dining room.  Generation X is moving away from this division of space and opting for a more functional layout of rooms.  Take a look at these tips to assist you in designing a home that meets your families needs.


sittingroomTwo Story homes seem to be the most common for families.  However, traditionally the second floor was reserved for all the bedrooms and the first floor was living space.  This layout has changed.  Many homeowners are keeping the master suite on the first floor and giving the entire second floor space to the children.  Some designs convert the second floor master bedroom area into a family room or play area.  By incorporating a large common area into the floorplan of the second floor, homeowners can design smaller bedroom spaces that have larger closet spaces and more room for multiple children to sleep or lounge.

utilityrmUtility Rooms are extremely popular for Generation X families.  This room is typically close to the kitchen and garage areas with an exterior door.  The laundry space was once a space that was hidden behind closed doors or even better in the basement.  Now, the space has become an integral part of the design.  By adding cabinets, counters, shelves, closets and hooks, the utility room’s use has expanded far beyond laundry.  This room is a catch all for snow covered outdoor gear and muddy paw prints.  It is a great room to store all your craft supplies as well as your bulk purchases.

familyroom-slideup-mBeyond the Kitchen and Utility Rooms, first floor designs for Generation X should be centered around “activity areas.”  Open concept is very popular with this Generation.  Being able to be involved with your children’s activities while being in a separate area is important to today’s parents.  When you review your floorplan consider what activities will happen in each area.  Being able to change the focus of each area easily is key to minimizing unused space.  Having a dedicated formal dining room is impractical, but being able to convert a space for large group dining is convenient.  Designing rooms with adequate storage either in the form of built in cabinetry and/or furniture is essential for these types of transitions.

The bottomline for Gen X families is being efficient.  In this case, using every square foot of your home maximizes efficiency.  Considering the use of each space in your home during the design process, is essential to this goal.

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