Home Design Tips for Generation X

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Generation Xers are 30 to 45 years old.  Lifestyles for the generation vary greatly from those just settling down and starting a family to those whose children are heading off to college.  Generation X was the first generation to have a majority of families with double income.  Even with the increase of working parents, Generation X pushed to find a work-life balance.  Employers have seen a shift in loyalty.  Generation X has been willing and able to pursue better positions in other companies where previous generations would “climb the ladder” by committing years to the same company.  Many times Gen Xers will change jobs for better hours, more vacation or a better benefits/insurance package, not just for more money.  It has become clear over the years, the number one priority for Gen Xers is family, not providing financially for their family, but providing for the overall well being of their family.  What does this mean when it comex to home design?

Generation X wants to enjoy their family time in and out of their homes.  Gen Xers want homes that are efficiently organized with adequate storage and minimal wasted space and energy efficient.  Buzz words like “cozy” and “inviting” abound in this market, Generation X is looking for informal but not chaotic.  Emphasis is usually placed on kitchen design, and the ease of transition between indoor living space and outdoor living space.

In our next blog “Home Design Tips for Gen X ~ Organized Storage”, we will discuss design tips for an organized home and how to add storage.

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