Home Design Tips for Baby Boomers ~ Interior, Functionality

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The keys to the over all design for a home for Baby Boomers, are very simple.  Functional, Liveable, and Longevity.  In this blog, we will discuss what makes a home Functional for the Baby Boomer generation.

Every family needs a home that works for them.  For Baby Boomers it is essential to look at your current lifestyle.  Some Baby Boomers have guests that will stay for extended periods of time.  Families of four to six people may come to stay for a week or more throughout the year.  Other Baby Boomers may travel to visit family or for vacations, but maintain a “home base”.  And others, Summer and Winter in separate homes.  If designed properly, your home can support your lifestyle.

  1. If you have guests on and off throughout the year, it is important to have multipurpose or flex rooms.  It is great to have a dedicated Guest Room, but multiple guest rooms are not feasible.  Flex rooms are designed for multiple purposes.  Such as a craft room with built in cabinetry to store all your material and supplies as well as a drop down desk as pictured that can be tucked away neatly.  This room can also have a daybed and bureau that matches the cabinetry for guests.  Another area to look at would be the living space.  Two people can be very comfortable in an open Living/Dining/Kitchen space, but this same space can be very cramped when guests arrive.  Incorporating islands or peninsulas that can be used as buffets along with extra seating is a great way to add more “space” without adding square footage.
  2. For those whose homes are their home base while they travel, the first area I would recommend looking at is storage.  No one wants their home to feel like a hotel they are visiting.  Whether you travel for a week at a time or a month at a time… home is Home.  Your home should be designed to accommodate your jet setting lifestyle.  Consider incorporating a Laundry Room that has abundant storage options.  Space to pack and unpack suitcases, as well as store them between traveling.  Another great idea is a centralized planning center.  This would be a place for a computer system, baskets for mail, bulletin board for notes and idea.  An area to plan your trips and an area for the house sitter to drop mail, leave and receive messages.
  3. Baby Boomers that maintain two homes, need to consider all of the above as well as the “off season.”  What are your plans for the home when you are not in residence?  If you will be renting the home carefully consider the furnishings.  Obviously you do not want to leave the care of Great Grandmama’s armoire to total strangers.  Consider gifting some of your more precious pieces to family members whom you trust to cherish the treasures as much as you have.  If you will be closing the home in the off season, there are ways to design the floorplan for easy “shut down” and opening.  Details like centralized plumbing to protect against freezing or to simplify draining the system, can save you a lot of time.  Also, plan ahead for security.  Designing the security into the home as opposed to installing after the fact, can save you time and help make the system seamless and virtually unnoticeable.

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