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Schedules for Generation X families can be extremely busy and chaotic.  In many families, both parents are working and each child has after school/evening activities to attend.  All of this hustle and bustle make family dinners nearly impossible to organize but more important than ever.  Knowing you have about 40 minutes in your evening schedule to prepare, serve and eat dinner can be overwhelming.  However, having a kitchen designed appropriately will help streamline this process and maybe allow your family to sit down more often to enjoy dinner together.

1. Plan ahead for multiple cooks.  As you look at the layout of your kitchen cabinets and counters try to envision, who will be helping to prepare meals.  If Sally is in charge of putting together the salad, where will she chop vegetables and mix ingredients?  Should the counter height be lower in this area, or will your child use a step stool?  If Billy sets the table, are the plates, cups, and utensils at a level he can reach and in an area he can access without being in the way of cooking?  If you often use your slow-cooker to prepare meals, is there adequate space to leave it on the counter?

2. Much like with closet space, there are many accessories that can be used to streamline your kitchen.  Under cabinet cookbook holders, spice racks, wall mounted utensil racks, wall or ceiling mounted pot racks.  Google “kitchen organization” for more ideas about kitchen accessories to match any style.  These accessories can add functionality to your kitchen without taking counter space.  This is especially important in smaller kitchen or in kitchens with multiple cooks.

3. Being able to put a meal on the table quickly comes down to organization…  keep your most used items easily accessible.  Why put your most used pot in the back of the cabinet even if it fits best there?  Leave it on the front burner of the stove, this way it is ready and waiting for you.  Organize a small lazy susan or organizer next to your cooktop with cooking spray, olive oil, salt and pepper, and a small crock filled with your most used cooking utensils.  This same trick can be used in the pantry and kitchen cabinets.  Group like items together so they can be found easily.  Use baskets to help keep items accessible in your cabinets.

Planning ahead and organization are key to streamlining your kitchen to be an efficiently used space.  These three simple tips can help guide you in your kitchen design process, and when combined with the tips from our previous blog, “Kitchen Design Tips (kind of)”, you are sure to design a kitchen that meets all your families needs.  In our next blog, we will move out of the kitchen and discuss design tips for the overall living space and layout of a home for a Generation X family.

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