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Green Home Appraisals

Green Home Appraisals

Posted By on Jun 4, 2012

I just stumbled across this article, which is a great follow up to my blog from last week.

We have all heard the woes of getting homes appraised.  These difficulties are even higher for new homes, and homes that incorporate green products, concepts and designs face the most hurdles of all.  This is due to the higher cost of green products and systems that are being compared to standard products in a depressed housing market.

This article is written with builders as the target audience.  But it is a great resource for anyone interested in building a green home.

Appraisal Tips: Getting the value of a Green Home

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Building a green home does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  It does not mean your home will look like a high tech hybrid home slash factory.  With a few details considered and worked into the design of your home during the planning phase, your home will be more energy efficient and less impactful on the environment.

1.  As you compare building lots consider the following details:

  • The path of the sun vs. where the home will sit.  Direct sunlight in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun’s power is weaker is ideal.  However, direct sunlight mid morning to mid afternoon at the sun’s peak power will need to be offset by A.C. during the summer months.  Consider how you can shade your home during these mid-day hours prior to building.
  • Look at the lay of the land, and work with it not against it.  Using the natural slope of a building lot will decrease the amount of ground work that needs to be done.  This will lower the impact on the environment.

2. Compare builders:

  • Does your builder promote or consider eco-friendly concepts.

3. As you design and budget your home consider the following items:

  • Revisit the path of the sun concept.  Try to plan for shade for windows that will get direct mid-day.  You can design a covered porch on this side of the home, extend your eaves or install awnings.
  • Look at window placement, try to maximize the benefits of cross wind air flow.
  • Remember: Heat rises.  You can cut heating costs by using this and building a 2 story home.  Prepare for warmer months with fans to draw that warmer air up faster and removing it from the interior.
  • Minimize carpeted space.  Carpets harbor allergens (mold, dust, dander, etc.) and introduces off gases chemicals into the home.
  • Design and build a home that fits your family.  Do you really need a family room, den, office and formal dining.  Remember that every square foot of your home will need to be heated and cooled.  Even those rooms that are only used for an hour each day or only on holidays.

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