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At this point, I think everyone understands the advantages of solar power.  We all know that over time, a home powered by solar energy will cost a homeowner less in energy costs than its grid powered counterpart.  However, the cost of the solar energy system has made it cost prohibited for most homeowners.  Is this trend starting to change?

A recent article published by Energy Circle indicates that the cost associated with solar energy is decreasing.  With the lower cost of the photovoltaic units and the tax rebates in effect until 2016, now is a great time to start researching a solar energy system for your home.

Start your research here: Solar PV Now Cheaper than Grid Electricity

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Schiavi Home Builders is making every effort to sell our existing models to help us lower overhead through the winter and also prepare for a fresh inventory next spring.  Our current promotion it $5,000 off our already reduced sale price!!  This brings our retail price down well below other retail prices.  We have gotten A LOT of interest in this promotion.  But we continue to hear, “I have to sell my home first.”

Everyone knows the real estate market is still struggling.  There are a lot of homes currently for sale, and few buyers.  What can homeowners do to successfully sell their home?  Read on for tips…

  1. Research other homes in the same price range as your home.  Compare amenities, decor styles, fixtures.  List highlights to your realtor.  No one knows your home better than you do.
  2. Know the age of windows, doors, appliances, shingles, heating systems.  Energy ratings of newer fixtures are much higher than those only a few years older.  Take advantage of these difference if you have them.
  3. If the above tip works against you, spend more time on tip #1!  The charm of a home built in the 1800’s can only be found in a home built in the 1800’s.
  4. Have warranty information available for any fixtures you have recently replaced.
  5. Don’t leave it solely up to your realtor to market your home.  Post information on your facebook wall.  Talk to people about your home.  Your co-workers/friends/relatives may know someone looking for a home.
  6. Check out this article from HGTV Front Door to increase the curb appeal of your home: Curb Appeal Tips for Fall.
  7. Curb appeal is important, but don’t forget about the interior of your home. Home Staging Tips for Fall.
  8. GET RID OF CLUTTER.  Cluttered counters, and tables make a home feel small.  Store the toaster oven/coffee maker/blender/etc. in a cabinet to open up counter space.  Clear off the kitchen/dining room table as well as the coffee and end tables.  Store book bags, extra coats, etc in a closet.  If you don’t have time to organize before a viewing, grab a rubbermaid bin, toss in all the clutter and tuck the bin in the garage or in your trunk.
  9. Before you leave your home everyday take a critical look at it.  There may not be a showing scheduled but you never want to be caught unprepared.
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