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Construction Resource

Posted By on Jun 30, 2011 is a website filled with information regarding residential construction & remodeling.  Most of this information is targeted towards site built (stick built) construction.  However, I wanted to point out a few links that are great resources for any type of construction.  These links are found on the lower left hand corner of the B4UBUILD homepage.  The links below will take you directly to the page:

Know what to expect… This page lays out the facts of the overall process.  Building a home is a huge undertaking.  Building a trusting relationship with your builder is key to having the process go smooth.  Here at Schiavi Home Builders we have a saying “Our job is to manage expectations during the sales process and exceed expectations during construction.”  In other words, the sales team works with each customer to clearly define what the customer expects in their home, quality, specifications, level of completion, etc.  Then it is the construction team’s job to meet or exceed the expectations laid out.

Homebuilding process arm yourself with knowledge!  Schiavi Home Builders feels so strongly about educating prospective home buyers, we offer a FREE New Home Planning Workshop.

How much does it cost? I love this page!!  We are asked this question everyday, and get very skeptical looks for homebuyers when we say, “Well, that depends on a lot of variables.”  You can’t ask your grocer what your groceries will cost before you put anything into your cart…

Construction schedule This schedule is geared towards a site built home, so please keep in mind it would be greatly condensed with modular technology.  However, this page is still a great resource to show you the various components involved in this process.  Schiavi Home Builders has a clear schedule for each home we build.  This schedule is laid out with consideration of all the homes we are building.

Construction contract Read this page carefully!  Your construction contract is your protection against fraud.  Schedule an appointment with Schiavi Home Builders to discuss our building contract.  We have worked diligently to develop a contract that protects the home buyer as well as our business.

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Great American Backyard Campout

Posted By on Jun 24, 2011

National Wildlife Federation’s 7th annual Great American Backyard Campout is coming up this weekend.  Saturday, June 25th thousands of American’s will turn their backyard into campsites.  With tents & fire pits, sleeping bags and bug spray, families will “brave” the wild outdoors in support of the National Wildlife Federation.

This event was developed in an effort to get families to spend more time outside.  Studies have proven children that spend time outdoors are more creative and confident, are healthier & have better eyesight.  You can register your family camp out at: NWF: Great American Backyard Campout.

Donations to the National Wildlife Federation are encourage but not required to be part of the campout.  80 cents of each dollar donated goes to support programs that address the problems of America’s indoor childhood and the health risks these children are faced with.  You can also register to campout on a different date if 6/25 does not work for your family.

Whether you are a novice camper or a pro, a good packing list is a must to begin any camping trip.  Check out this list from Cozi: Family Camping Checklist.

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The Waiting Game is OVER.

Posted By on Jun 22, 2011

  • Are the interest rates as low as they are going to get?
  • Are they going to start going back up?
  • Are home prices going to go up?

The only honest answer anybody can give you to these questions is: I don’t know.  Short of psychic provenience, no one can accurately predict what the housing market will do.  We do know that interest rates are at historic lows. Most banks and market experts will say that as the economy recovers, costs and interest rates will rise.  Why risk waiting for a better time to build a new home?

Let’s just say that you put off building your new home until next year.  Over the course of the next 12 months, you diligently pinch your pennies and save $10,000 more towards your new home.  Great!  Now, what if the interest rates creep up a mere 1/2%?  There goes your savings…  That extra 10K you worked for a year to save is now lost over the course of the mortgage due to such a slight increase in the interest rate.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out this blog from the NAHB: Should I Wait Until Interest Rates Go Even Lower to Buy a Home?

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More Information about GeoThermal

Posted By on Jun 22, 2011

This is a document that was presented to the Maine Legislature in March of 2010, in an effort to garner support for Geothermal Heating.  This article is written specific to geothermal heat in Maine, using information about our electricity rates as well as cost of oil/propane.  Please keep in mind this information was compiled in the Winter of 2010, and may need slight adjustments to current costs.

GeoThermal Systems in Maine

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In my ongoing effort to find relevant material for blog posts, I have several websites & blogs bookmarked.  Today as I browsed my bookmarks, I found reference to modular housing on Mother Nature Network, which is a site I pull a lot of information for our green blog posts from.  They have posted a time lapsed video of a modular home set.  Click Here to watch the video.

Why would Mother Nature Network highlight modular housing?  Modular housing as an industry is by necessity green.  Or at least more green than the site building industry.  Here are a few examples of how:

  • Less construction waste is created, because materials are carefully planned and utilized.
  • A large portion of the framing process happens inside a climate-controlled factory, so there are far fewer trips to the construction site.
  • Construction waste is recycled whenever possible.
  • Many manufacturers & builders are LEEDS certified.


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