Posts made in October, 2009

The Portland Press Herald posted some really good advice regarding modular housing in the Simon Says Column on October 16, 2009.  The question submitted had to do with the bad reputation modular building can have and how to know if modular construction is the right choice for your building needs.  Simon replied:

“I would encourage you to do your homework before you make a commitment.  I would find out who the manufacturer of the house is and contact them directly.  I would ask them to give you names of contractors who have worked with their product.

After speaking to the contractors on their take on the product, I would then ask the contractors for the names of the end users – people who are living in the houses.  I would then contact those individuals directly.”

Good advice Simon!  Any modular builder worthy of their name would want their customer to check them out thoroughly before deciding to buy.  Matching your expectations to your builder’s expectation makes for a happy consumer.  Thanks for the tip.

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