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Schiavi Home Survives Storm

Posted By on Sep 8, 2009

When Paul and Cathy Bickford bought a new Schiavi home they knew it came with guaranteed workmanship, but they never thought they would have to live through a tornado to find out how well their home was built.  Touching down in their back yard the tornado, so rare in Maine, caused about 20 trees to be blown over.  Luckily for the Bickfords their new home was fine.  We at Schiavi Home Builders are thrilled that the Bickfords are safe and pleased that their home escaped damage.  There was never a doubt in our mind that they purchased a quality home and we are glad that it stood up to the unusual winds in this crazy storm system that passed through Oxford County.  You can read more about the storm at the Sun Journal.

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