Posts made in September, 2007

Beginning October 1, 2007 Maine law requires a single wide mobile home to have a title…..sometimes. The new law will apply to any 2007 and newer single wide mobile homes sold after October 1st that are placed on rented or leased property. If you own the land you are putting a new single wide mobile home on, a title is not necessary-right now. However, if you ever want to sell that mobile home or trade it in toward a newer model you will not be able to do that without a title. So if you didn’t get a title when you purchased it, because it was not required, how do you sell it later? You will need to have the manufacturer’s certificate of origin filled out by the dealership where you purchased your mobile home. With that you have proof of ownership and you may apply for a title at anytime. Because this is a new law and dealerships are not used to doing this part of the paperwork, you can be sure there will be mistakes. It is important to be an informed consumer and make certain you receive all the documentation you need at the time you purchase your mobile home. Once again, this applies only to singlewide mobile homes, it DOES NOT apply to multi-section mobile homes or modular homes. If you have questions you can call the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles; the phone number is 207-624-9000.

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