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Contrary to popular belief, building a manufactured home is not the equivalent of “just add water and it makes its own sauce.” There are a series of construction site considerations that demand informed decision making. To begin with, an inspection of your property must be made prior to ordering your home. Items such as driveway width and angle must be planned according to the size of your modular units to ensure they can be delivered without complications. Location of power lines may become an issue if they are in the pathway of the trucks or the crane. Speaking of the crane, do you have a level spot near the foundation where the crane can park while lifting your home? These are just a few considerations to get the project initially rolling.

The general contractor needs to be an expert in the entire process so they can schedule each of the sub contractors in the proper order, i.e. the electrician needs to complete work before the heating contractor shows up, etc. Do the sub contractors have the necessary insurance and licenses required to be working on your home? Ask the general contractor – that would be their responsibility. Heating, plumbing, masonry, electricity….what is each sub contractor getting paid to do? Do you have an estimate from them or a quote from them? Each sub can offer a variety of services at a variety of costs. A good general contractor will make sure you know what services are required, what you want in addition to the requirements, and how to get the best price. Getting the job done accurately and timely while you sit back worry free is what a general contractor should be able to do for you

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