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Maine Manufactured Housing Board

Posted By on Apr 4, 2007

Government regulations – sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them. The Maine Manufactured Housing Board was established to regulate the industry and protect the consumer when “fly by night” companies decided to get into the business.

According to their website: “The primary responsibilities of the board are to examine and license qualified applicants, to promulgate rules defining the qualifications and professional standards of manufacturers, dealers and installers of manufactured housing, to investigate complaints against its licensees, and to take appropriate disciplinary action against noncompliance with its statute and rules.”

To simplify, these are some of the things the Maine Manufactured Housing Board does:

  • Requires a pre-license qualifying education program.
  • Requires all manufactured home installers to have current certificates of insurance on file with the Housing Board.
  • Requires all homes to have a warranty seal from the installer placed within the new home.
  • Allows a consumer to file a complaint and receive help resolving their complaint.
  • Allows consumers to research their data base for licensee disciplinary actions.
  • Allows consumers to research if a builder is licensed.

For the most part the Maine Manufactured Housing Board serves its purpose well. On occasion the Housing Board has to protect the builder from an unethical consumer, as well as saving a consumer from an unethical builder. As far as government agencies go, this particular one seems to be right on target. They take their duties seriously, form their regulations thoughtfully and follow through with enforcing compliance.

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Posted By on Apr 4, 2007

Tighter more efficient homes are good news, right? Yes….and no. While you may see heat costs decrease with new construction, there will be an increase in air pollutants trapped within your new home that you won’t see. Better construction makes it easier on your wallet when buying energy, but be aware that along with containing the heat in your home, you will contain moisture, smoke, cleaning chemicals and other pollutants.

The good news is that Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) can solve this problem. HRVs bring a continuous supply of fresh air into your home and exhaust contaminated air. The units are built with a special aluminum core where the heat from the air that is being exhausted, warms the fresh air as it is coming in from outside. HRVs come in different sizes designed for the square footage of your new home.

Schiavi Home Builders recognizes the added value to our clients that an HRV provides; therefore it is available for every Schiavi custom built home. If you would like more information on HRVs, visit

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