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I want to Build Green…

Posted By on Mar 9, 2007

~Originally Posted April 2007

If there is a buzz word in the construction industry these days, it’s “green”. I guess that should not come as a surprise with the amount of press regarding global warming and the potential dangers involved. So it makes sense to investigate if modular homes can be categorized as green building. In the broad sense the answer is yes just by definition of modular construction. A home built in a factory immediately satisfies one condition of green building – conservation of materials. In an effort to make a profit, a factory must conserve materials and limit waste as a matter of good business practice. Luckily that benefits the environment as well and becomes a win-win scenario.

There are different degrees of building green. To be classified as an Energy Star Qualified Home, a home must meet a guideline of 15% higher efficiency than than the 2004 International Residential Code in the following areas:

  • Effective insulation
  • High performance windows
  • Tight construction
  • Efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Energy saving lighting
  • Energy saving appliances
  • High efficiency water heaters

Most modular homes can include these qualifications just by asking for them when you are in the process of ordering your home. Ask your builder for more information.

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This is our logo and pretty much says it all. In this day and age when you consider building a modular you’d better be thinking outside of the box – literally. If the modular retail center you visit doesn’t stress customize to your satisfaction, you should look for another builder. Building a modular home should bring you the best of all options. You should be able to get the custom built home you desire (which you thought only a stick built house would provide) and all of the benefits the stick builder couldn’t give you. The benefits that come specifically with a modular home, such as: building in a controlled environment, cost control and engineer certified construction, just to name a few.

So what else should you look for when deciding which modular company to choose? Reputation and quality quickly come to mind, but to me that goes without saying. I check reputation and quality for any purchase I make, and the more expensive the purchase the deeper I delve into the product and service. So what else matters? Remember that this is truly, for once, all about you. It is all about what you consider important. Maybe it’s the color of your appliances, maybe it’s the R value of your walls, whatever it is – if it’s important to you, it better be important to your builder. Your modular builder should listen to how you want your home customized, what your concerns are, and what your budget is. After all, this is your dream home and building it should never turn into a nightmare.

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