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Changes to Home Building in Maine

Changes to Home Building in Maine

Posted By on May 11, 2012

Schiavi Home Builders has made some very exciting changes since the beginning of 2012.

Since December our staff has worked hard to develop a new sales process.   We say “New” but in fact this process has been in place for years here at Schiavi’s.  We spent several month formalizing the details and actually putting together the procedures to back the process.  The 5 Simple Step Process to Homeownership is much more than a catchy title.  This process is how we can commit to meeting customer expectations in regards to their home fit and finish and move in completion.

This process has brought along other changes such as the development of Homeowner Websites.  Yes, that is right Homeowner Websites.  Each Schiavi Home Builders customers has a homeowner website, that is set up and maintained specifically for their project.  These websites are design to help keep customers up to date on their project.

Our company website has also received a face lift to reflect our 5 Simple Step.  And, now our blog is being updated with a fresh new look…

Other changes for Schiavi Home Builders include a new Cottage model which was debuted at the Oxford Hills Home Show at the end of April.  Virtual tour and plans will be added to the website in the next few weeks.

Last but probably most sweeping, Schiavi Home Builders has announced our departure from the mobile home industry.  From our press release: “The needs of the marketplace have changed and we need to change along with it,” stated Scott Stone of Schiavi Home Builders.  “We are focused on building homes using modular technology to meet the needs of today’s energy-conscious buyers.”

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The Waiting Game is OVER.

Posted By on Jun 22, 2011

  • Are the interest rates as low as they are going to get?
  • Are they going to start going back up?
  • Are home prices going to go up?

The only honest answer anybody can give you to these questions is: I don’t know.  Short of psychic provenience, no one can accurately predict what the housing market will do.  We do know that interest rates are at historic lows. Most banks and market experts will say that as the economy recovers, costs and interest rates will rise.  Why risk waiting for a better time to build a new home?

Let’s just say that you put off building your new home until next year.  Over the course of the next 12 months, you diligently pinch your pennies and save $10,000 more towards your new home.  Great!  Now, what if the interest rates creep up a mere 1/2%?  There goes your savings…  That extra 10K you worked for a year to save is now lost over the course of the mortgage due to such a slight increase in the interest rate.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out this blog from the NAHB: Should I Wait Until Interest Rates Go Even Lower to Buy a Home?

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Winter is Just Around the Corner

Posted By on Sep 7, 2008

I know…it’s only the beginning of the fall season, but this is the best time to prepare for the upcoming winter. Use what we have left of the warm weather to do the work you need to face the cold weather to come. Bob Vila has a pretty good checklist to follow for all homeowners. This is a suggested bi-annual list to prepare for the seasons. Modular home owners will keep their homes in tip top shape following these maintainence tips. Manufactured home owners have a few specific items that they need to maintain to face up to the winter ahead. You will need to check your heat tape and get it plugged in, among other things. Read How To Winterize You Manufactured Home to make sure your home is ready for the snow.

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Time is wasting away…

Posted By on Mar 4, 2008

We already knew that this is the best time to buy a new home. That’s why we have advertised our lowest price guarantee. Need more research to be convinced? Read this article that appeared in Time Magazine in February. Clearly the experts agree that buying a home is the most important investment you can make right now! With all the confusing information coming at you…the best approach is: IGNORE THE HEADLINES.

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Beginning October 1, 2007 Maine law requires a single wide mobile home to have a title…..sometimes. The new law will apply to any 2007 and newer single wide mobile homes sold after October 1st that are placed on rented or leased property. If you own the land you are putting a new single wide mobile home on, a title is not necessary-right now. However, if you ever want to sell that mobile home or trade it in toward a newer model you will not be able to do that without a title. So if you didn’t get a title when you purchased it, because it was not required, how do you sell it later? You will need to have the manufacturer’s certificate of origin filled out by the dealership where you purchased your mobile home. With that you have proof of ownership and you may apply for a title at anytime. Because this is a new law and dealerships are not used to doing this part of the paperwork, you can be sure there will be mistakes. It is important to be an informed consumer and make certain you receive all the documentation you need at the time you purchase your mobile home. Once again, this applies only to singlewide mobile homes, it DOES NOT apply to multi-section mobile homes or modular homes. If you have questions you can call the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles; the phone number is 207-624-9000.

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How Long Does it Take…

Posted By on Aug 4, 2007

For the factory to build our new home?

The short answer is 3 to 12 weeks. Keep in mind everyone is busiest in the summer and fall. It is important to schedule your home delivery and your site work to be ready at the same time so there will be no further delays.

To complete construction of our new home after it is installed on our site?

It depends on the style of home. A single section mobile home will take only 2 to 3 weeks. A colonial home may take 7 or more weeks. Availability of electricity and a permanent heating system are critical steps to getting the job done in a timely manner. If you have chosen on site installation of wooden siding, or customized wood flooring, you will need to add an appropriate amount of time for these special features to be completed.

Before we can move into our new home?

There is no easy answer, but there are some things that have to be done first.

  • The home and all improvements must be paid for in full.
  • Installation and all construction by Schiavi Homes must be finished.
  • A certificate of occupancy from the town, or a waiver of one, is required.
  • An insurance binder from your insurance company must be obtained.

Once the above items are complete you will get your keys and your warranty paperwork. Then you can move in!

Of course there are other considerations to the time line of your project. At times the weather does not cooperate with our goals and schedules. A delay due to weather not only delays your project, but every other project that we are working on. Rescheduling can be tricky. Another potential delay is the scheduling of Central Maine Power. Generally speaking the people at CMP are very helpful and cooperative, but they have a busy schedule. It is necessary to allow them plenty of time to do their job. Finally, once your project is underway, any changes you decide on will delay everything. It is helpful to plan the features you want right from the beginning. We want you to be happy with your new home, so cover all the details up front and then relax. Let us take care of all the work and worry!

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